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What our clients are saying about us.

Nicely done report Keith.  It was really nice to be prepared with the information.. going into a meeting with this Insured.  It really gives us some sound facts with the original 2002 specs and brochure of the component in question and takes all the debate out so we can work on a solution.  It also assisted me in interpreting what the Insured was actually claiming for and be entitled to.

N.F. Senior Field Claim Specialist

I have highly complimented your work to our manager on  how meticulously you work and highlight the necessary information and how knowledgeable you are .  Love working with you. 

J.A. Claim Expert

Thank you for the great job as usual!

E.T. Property Claims Representative

Just a quick note to say thank you for making this as seamless as possible. My world is overwhelming at the moment and I appreciate your effort on my behalf.

C.D. Insured

Whoever doesn't use you in our company can you let me know so I can personally call them to tell them to smarten up. Perfect report, easy settlement, when you have a hired gun backing you up. Thank you a million times over for this report and the many others you do.

J.S. Senior Field Claims Specialist

Your sincere effort always helps us to settle easily with conviction.

B.R. Property Claims Representative

This is why you are the best in the industry! 

J.S Senior Field Claim Specialist

Thank you so much, you are the best!

C.R. Claims Representative II, Property

You are absolutely the best and have helped me provide great customer service this morning.

D.D. Senior Property Claims Representative

Nice...I Love this company!

T.C. Staff Claim Consultant

Thank-you very much for the detailed quote and all your efforts on this file its greatly appreciated.

K.B. Major Event Claims Representative

Thank you very much for all your assistance, this is the first time I have used your service and very glad I did. Will see me using it more often. Great Work!

B.R. Property Claims Representative

I just wanted to say one more time THANK YOU for all you've done in this unfortunate time for me and helped out to get some of my belongings back in order. I really do appreciate that. 

Z.P. Insured

Thanks so much, for this emergency assistance! My email to you at 10:32 am today –  reply with prices at 10:44.

M.N. Regional Property Claims Representative

WAY TO GO!   ~~thank you, thank you.  You have been terrific, at getting the pricing back to me so quickly. I can pay the ins.out now. Thanks for the quick response.  Awesome.

B.S. Claims Representative

Thanks for providing us with great customer service and making our jobs a little easier!! 

L.M. General Claims Representative

Thank you so much as aways, you're amazing!!

C.M. Claims Representative

I pulled up your previous email to grab the model of the proposed speakers and saw for the first time that it wasn't an adjuster from the insurance company that selected the replacement, but rather from The Audio Shop. I've dealt with those guys in the past and know they know what they're talking about, even if I don't. So if they say that it's "like with like", I'll take that on good faith.

M.J. Insured

Wow. great quote. I figure that, if the insd replaced everything, you've saved us about $3600 in claim inflation costs. My deepest thanks.

N.O. Property Claims Representative

Thank you for your diligence and work in completing our claim for Peter. I appreciate your accuracy and attention to the details. 

C.J. Insured

Just wanted to let you know how much I value the service that you provide. It makes my job a lot easier by having a credible replacement information.  Thank you for your expertise and great customer service. 

J.S. Senior Field Claim Specialist

Thank you for all you do for us. We really value our relationship. 

C.L. Regional Property Specialist

Just a brief thank you for your excellent service. It is sincerely appreciated.

A.L. Claims Specialist

Thanks for the quote and attention to detail.  YOU MAKE MY JOB EASIER! 

N.F. Senior Field Claim Specialist

Thank you so much.  Your system is my savoir!

S.Y. Field Claims Specialist

Thanks for being so quick at getting back to me with that quote.  Our specialist advised we would be impressed, but WOW!  excellent work!

L.D. Property Claims Representative

I just wanted to say I enjoy your customer service...no calls to me and pricing done quickly...great job!!!

M.H. Senior Claims Adjuster

Thanks, excellent response time and good info, as usual.

W.B Property II Claims Representative

Thank you very much for your help in this matter.  It provided me with some helpful information in order to close my file.

L.F. Property Adjuster

Thanks very much again. Fantastic service.

M.N. Senior Claim Representative

You never Cease to Amaze Me. REAL QUICK RESPONSE! Thanks!

M.N. Senior Claim Representative

I noticed that the receipt was a little suspect, but when I sent the information to ClaimControl for a quote and opinion he indicated that the this laptop was not even available at the time the insured indicated that he had purchased it. Without Claim Control I would not have known that the laptop was not available at the purchase date given.  The information provided was excellent and the claim was withdrawn

V.B. Senior Claim Advisor

Thank you for the excellent service & keep up the great work!!!

C.K. Senior Property Claim Adjuster

They know the market.


“They sure do." That was impressive. I’ve got prices and stores.

M.K. Region Property Claims Representative