Fraud Detection

​​​Here at CLAIMCONTROL, we take product elevation and fraud detection seriously. That is why we incorporate into our valuation processes, metrics which help identify elevated or potentially fraudulent items in a typical property claim that might be missed by a less rigorous system and we can help uncover those complex or unusual nuances that may otherwise be overlooked. With the industry's most complete proprietary database of original manufacturer's product information and our highly specialized staff, we are able to evaluate each item based against multiple data points and alert adjusters to any potential red flags that may exist. This allows the adjuster the opportunity to make the decision if further investigation is warranted prior to a settlement being reached. This strikes the right balance between due diligence and providing superior customer service, all at no additional charge to you.


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According to the Insurance Board of Canada (2017), property claims as a percentage of total claims have risen significantly over the last decade. More than half of every dollar of premiums received by insurers is paid out in claims.1