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CLAIMCONTROL is the Insurance Industry leader in the delivery of accurate like kind and quality replacement valuations and product replacement for content claims. Utilizing the industry's most extensive consumer electronics database of original manufacturer's product brochures dating back to 1986, CLAIMCONTROL offers a monumental leap forward as a single source solution in identifying accurate LKQ replacements for lost, stolen or damaged Home and Car Audio/Video Components, Computers, Photo and Video Camera's, Major Home Appliances and Fitness Equipment.

In today's hyper accelerated environment, the prompt and accurate settlement of content claims is paramount. Whether you require information for an ACV settlement or product replacement, CLAIMCONTROL specializes in the most complete and accurate information available. Why guess when you can know!


"Our clients demand knowledge, accuracy and outstanding service. CLAIMCONTROL delivers on all three." 

Keith Green, National Account Manager


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ClaimControl  has developed the most complete, accurate and easy-to-use consumer.

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With ClaimControl  you have access to the most accurate replacement valuations.

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ClaimControl  can provide Canada-wide product replacement.

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