For Insurer's and Adjusters

CLAIMCONTROL specialists will never provide you with a replacement estimate for a model where insufficient information is unavailable to properly identify the original model.  If insufficient information is provided to properly identify the original model we will contact you or your insured to narrow down the possibilities and ensure an accurate replacement. This process eliminates overpayments or disputes on equivalencies.

Quickly identify red flags for you... CLAIMCONTROL’s specialists have been trained to recognize inconsistent information and bring it to your attention.
Recognize and identify duplicate listing... CLAIMCONTROL’s experience has shown that sometimes items which are part of a system or included with a component will be listed separately on larger loss reports. We will identify the matching component for you in our report, saving you the cost of replacing accessories or components which will already be included with the main model.

Our quotes are extremely detailed... CLAIMCONTROL quotes will always identify a brand, provide a complete product description, model number, a local price and identify the vendor the price was obtained from. We will also confirm available inventory, identify sale prices and identify when the sale expires.

If a replacement is not straight forward... CLAIMCONTROL will include sufficient detail to ensure you are able to answer most questions your insured may ask regarding the replacement model selected. Our specialists are also available to speak with your insured to answer any questions they may have.

Consistency of information... CLAIMCONTROL has developed and utilizes a very specific format to ensure you always receive accurate information in a standardized format.

Insurers and Adjusters