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Are you a policy holder who’s suffered a loss? Has your adjuster asked you to provide them with replacement estimates or are you just uncertain as to whether the replacements that have been identified for you are truly equivalent?
Whether it’s a lost/damaged/stolen or non-restorable item ClaimControl can help you with identifying a current, accurate, like kind and quality replacement model and value.

Quantifying and valuing your items can be a difficult task! ClaimControl does away with the need for you spend hours and hours attempting to identify accurate replacements and values for your lost/damaged/stolen or non-restorable items. ClaimControl product specialists have years of industry experience and utilize a proven review processes to ensure all your items are assessed fairly and accurately. This will help remove the stress that can sometimes accompany this process.


ClaimControl specializes in nationwide “like-kind, like-quality” replacement estimates for:

 Home and Car Audio/Video Components

 Computer Equipment and Peripherals

 Digital and Video Camera’s

 Major Household Appliances

 Fitness Equipment

Our replacement estimates not only guarantee an accurate” like kind & quality” replacement, they also ensure available inventory from your preferred vendor or local retail outlet.

A completely proprietary database, easy to use web interface, expert validators and a 24-48 hour turnaround are only some of our benefits our solution provides!

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